Black Eyed Peas v MC Hammer Mashup: U Can’t Touch My Humps

Whilst trawling the net for some MC Hammer pictures, I thought why not check youtube? It’s the treasure chest of video content.

Most of the MC Hammer videos are pretty bad quality (since they are from the 80’s). Why don’t they re-release some of the videos in higher quality format? Or even do a remake – 2009 style. He’s obviously popular. One of the video’s with 9 million views has been banned by youtube. Youtube doesn’t actually “ban” the video and take it down these days if there’s a pending legal dispute. They actually just take away the sound. It’s pretty stupid.

So what the author did was replace it with a keyboard sound.

Anyhow, I came across this awesome mashup with Black Eyed Peas v MC Hammer: U Can’t Touch My Humps

It’s brilliantly made and remixed.

And if you want the classic MC Hammer styles, check out the video below. It took me a while to find a decent version.

I’m out like MC Hammer mashups,

Matthew Ho

Google Ocean? Check out Google Earth’s new features

Google never fails to impress me. I’ve been catching up on my reader feeds, and was reading the Youtube blog and came across the new Google Earth 5.0 features. It’s off the hook!

Now you can look at the ocean, go underneath the ocean, and also check out thing people have landmarked. Like videos of fish they have discovered at a certain point, websites about a certain location. It looks like a mashup feature with geo tagging (tagging the actual location on google earth). I won’t talk any more, and I’ll let the video do it justice.

I’m out like Google Ocean,


On demand tv – Hulu v Youtube

I found this website called Hulu via my favourite technology / business blogger, Mr Mark Cuban. He talks about a new website which allows you to watch movies and tv shows online, for free!

What’s the catch I hear you cry? They have pre roll ads, and ads during the shows. Pre roll ads are basically ads that show before you watch the video. Kinda like movie previews before the actual movie. The advantage is that you can watch anytime, as you demand it. Its a partnership by a couple of online giants AOL, MSN, Myspace, Yahoo. At the moment, they are mostly showing stuff from some of the major US tv networks.

Its explained a lil better on their website:

“Hulu brings together a large selection of videos from more than 50 content providers, including FOX, NBC Universal, MGM, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros. and more. Users can watch current primetime TV such as The Simpsons and The Office the morning after they air, classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Married…with Children, movies like The Usual Suspects and The Big Lebowski, and clips from Saturday Night Live and other popular TV shows and movies.”

This is a pretty big thing from the TV network/movie studio industry. But I did notice recently, that you can actually download old tv shows from for free! Without any ads! I was searching for a tv series called the Black Donnellys which Rahul had told me about. I’d seen the tv pilot about a year ago, and really liked it. And then I was searching for where to download it, and I read on a website that they stopped showing the series after 10 episodes and simply put the last 3 online to download! I recall that another friend Nina, mentioned that you could straight up download episodes without ads from the NBC website. This huge back catologue has just opened up!

Consumers of online content, have been downloading tv and movies for years, with an ever increasing intensity. It’s what we want – to be able to download what we want and watch it whenever we want. We were downloading the new episodes of Heroes and Prison break before it hit Australian tv! If I wanted a movie, I could easily go to or Type in the name of the movie, tv show, cartoon, song or album that I wanted. And viola! I’d have it in a matter of hours or by overnight.

Its the online environment we are living in now. It was only a matter of time before it became official to download/stream these via legitimate means. I went to a networking conference and heard the Marketing Manager of Channel 9 speak. He mentioned that he saw Australian tv is moving that way too, having the option of streaming tv and movie content from their website.

The restrictions with Hula is that you can’t watch it if you are outside the States. Which sucks! And you can’t download, only stream – i.e. you can watch it, but you can’t have a copy of it on your computer and pass onto a friend.

However, I’m not sure what is going to happen to DVD sales. For the past decade, that has been a huge boon for tv networks and movie studios. If you can watch it online for free, will you still want to buy it? It will still appeal to DVD enthuasists who still want to own copies of their favourite tv series and movies.

But hey, things are changin’!

I’m out like Youtube 😛


Free Lecture on blogs, wikis, and youtube…..

My old university has a free lecture on web 2.0 topic. I actually paid to go a similar lecture by the Australian Marketing Institute. I wanted to go to a Law Society lecture last week on Internet and copyright/terms of contracts for websites, but alas I was sick. The details for the free uni lecture is below:

UTSpeaks: Hearing, Seeing, Knowing More
This public lecture explores the phenomenon of emergent media – blogs, Facebook, YouTube, podcasting, wikis and more – for their social consequences and the long-term change they may bring about for people, politics and public and private sectors. Speaker Dr Jim Macnamara is UTS Director of the Australian Centre for Public Communication and has had a distinguished 30-year career working in professional communication practice.

Date: Wednesday 11 June 2008 from 6pm
Venue: University Hall, Science Building, 745 Harris St
Free parking: Peter Johnson Building basement car park 702-730 Harris St, Ultimo
RSVP: Tuesday 10 June 2008 to or (02) 9514 1734

UTSPEAKS: is a free public lecture series presented by UTS experts discussing a range of important issues confronting contemporary Australia. To subscribe to the UTSpeaks public lecture series, register at


On a more historic note, the Apple iphone comes out soon! And they are unveiling the Apple Store next month. They’ve also planned a store in Chatswood and Melbourne. I’ve been to 3 or 4 apple stores in my travels around the world (New York, Tokyo, Osaka, and San Francisco) and I loved all of them!

I’m out like the pre-Iphone days!