Is it possible to beat Google?

Interesting post from one of my favourite bloggers, Mark Cuban. He theorises whether it is possible to beat google at their own game. Offer the top 1-5 search results for the top 25,000 keywords money to be TAKEN off google. We will never know if there is another search engine that could be as good as Google unless someone tries.

Hmmm. would that work? i dont think so. As one reader puts it, Google has already reached critical mass. People go there as a natural instinct and its become to big and popular now, another website can easily step in if the top 1-5 results for that key word left. Google is just too big to mess with right now – you’d rather work along with them then try to disrupt them. And no one’s got deep enough pockets to do such a bold move.

Beating Google ?

Is there anything more fun than sitting around, growing your hair, drinking a Bud while listening to Jethro Tull and pondering how to change the balance of power in the search world and unseat Google ?
Better search ? Too subjective. Better monetization ? After the fact. Better User Interface ? Will we know it when we see it ? A new and different search ? Semantic ? Human powered ? We won’t know till we know.

But what about the Google Index, all the websites that are indexed by Google ? What is it worth to be in the Google Index ? What would you, as a website owner require in order to remove your site from the Google Index and no longer be available when someone does a google search ?

It should just be a matter of dollars and cents and sense, shouldn’t it ?

How many websites would have to recuse themselves from the Google Index before Google Search was negatively impacted ?
thinks it needs to support the 25k most common search terms in order to be successful. What would happen if MicroSoft or Yahoo or a MicroHoo went to the 5 top results for the top 25k searches and paid them to leave the Google Index ? …………….

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