Things I want to do before I die by Matthew Ho

Saturday, July 21, 2007 at 6:05pm – updated 12 January 2009

Inspired by the Book “1000 things to do before you die” and the new tv show.

1. Visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

2. See Maccu Pichu, Peru

3. Paddle in the backwaters of Kerala, India

4. Sit back and relax in an onsen spring in Japan. (did it)

5. Backpack through Southeast Asia for 7 months

6. Skydive

7. Bungee Jump in Queenstown, New Zealand.

8. Watch an NBA game (the Chicago Bulls!) – (did it)

9. Watch the Entertainers Basketball Classic in Rucker Park, Harlem NY.

9. New Years Eve in Goa, India.

10. See the pyramids in Egypt.

11. Climb the lower part of Mt Everest (base camp).

12. Get a tattoo (questionable).

13. Go to a hip hop concert in New York. – (did it)

14. Do conservation volunteer work in the Amazon Jungle

15. Party hard in Tijuana, Mexico

16. Backpack through Eastern Europe (Lithunia, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Montegero).

17. Ski in Whistler, Canada

18. Go to the 7 star hotel in Abu Dahi, Dubai

19. See Ko Lanta and Similan Islands in Thailand

20. Oktoberfest, Germany – (did it)

21. La Tomatina, Spain (the tomato throwing festival). – (did it)

22. Sail for free from Antigua, Caribbean to Europe

23. Go to the soccer world cup


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