First Impressions Of Japan

First Impression of Japan

Monday, August 13, 2007 at 3:05pm

I’ve been in Tokyo for only 4 days and its been quite an interesting experience.

It’s a shopping mecca, a concrete jungle. Neon lights glow incessantly in Shinjuku to the sounds of huge tv screens. In the background millions of Japanese wander the streets to the tune of the latest J-Pop in their ipods. They sit in silence on the trains, in cafes, glued to their mobiles.

Every thing in Japan is carefully arranged and organised. Its like they have thought of every single detail. The streets are absoulely spotless yet not a single rubbish bin abounds.

In Harajuku, the teenagers come out in full emo gear – dressed head to toe in black gear, dyed hair, piercings. Or school girl dresses and weird luggage bags emblazoned with hearts. Is this their way of self expression?


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