Who would you delete from Facebook for a free whopper burger?

The Facebook blog currently reports that 150 million people are using Facebook and in the past year 6.6 billion friend requests were made in 2008. But don’t you feel at times, you have too many friends on your facebook account? People that you rarely know, you met once at a party and never saw again, that “friend” at primary school or university who you never spoke to, but all of a sudden wants to be your friend?

So Burger King has decided to flip the script on this. Delete 10 of your facebook friends and get a free whopper! I like this promotion because its poking fun about how we’re all adding friends and getting a bit overboard with the friend requests ( I mean 6.6 billion – that is a lot you know).

I can’t believe BurgerKing¬† in the US is actually doing this promotion!


You install the Burger King sacrifice widget on your facebook page, get rid of ten friends and then get a burger coupon.

Suddenly I feel the urge to clean house. Mathematically speaking, if I delete 40 friends does that mean 4 whoppers? No, because its only one coupon per facebook account. D’oh! Apparently 180k friends have already been “sacrificed”. Are you next?

And I would do anything for a whopper, because I love’em …..so I might start reviewing my list of friends!

I’m out like sacrificing your friends for a free burger,

Matthew Ho.

How one company is using Facebook poorly: Mt Franklin 2L a day challenge

I just came across this item today – it was one of those “gifts” that are commonly given across Facebook. e.g. some people will give you a balloon or a cake for your b’day. Well I saw that you can give a 2L bottle of Mt Franklin, a sponsored gift. As always, curiousty got the better of me, and I clicked on the link and it actually leads to the Mt Franklin Well of Positivity page.


Nice idea, but I don’t think its going to work. A lot of products have fan pages, but its those kind of products that endear itself to having a fanatical following like Nike shoes, fashion, Bringing back Monaco bars, etc… Don’t get me wrong, the Mt Franklin brand is quite strong and possibly the strongest brand in its category (and priced at premium to reflect its brand name).

But who’s going to follow a water fan page?

The Mt Franklin promotion is about promoting drinking more water during the party season (which is a good health message and great PR).¬† However, is it suitable for FB? Its not the appropriate place for a Facebook promo page. Check it out here. If you go to the actual microsite of Well of Positivity, it talks about the facebook page, but its not really up to scratch. There’s hardly the “diary of 2L participant” as promised and the comments are hilarious on the page – there’s obviously no one monitoring the page. I mean check out these comments:


You want to give freedom of speech in these forums, but you also want to moderate these comments which aren’t appropriate for the Mt Franklin brand.

Overrall, the promotion itself sounds pretty good. You register on the microsite, bring in 3 labels from the water bottles, and you get a 3 day pass for free at Fitness First. You can also enter the Woolworths promotion and score yourself a trip to the Maldives.  Considering how many bottle of water I buy and how much water I drink, I will probably enter it!

There has just been a failure to plan the digital strategy properly. A Facebook page probably costs next to nothing, but what benefits does it add to the promotion? If your not going to update it including putting 3 pics up which look exactly the same and not monitoring the comments, its a huge waste of time.

I’m out like not drinking enough water,

Matt Ho.