About Me

I started this blog as a way to keep tracking of everything I found in marketing / advertising /online and to share it with like minded people.

Rather than just read and surf the web, I wanted to join the conversation, participate and write my own thoughts. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years now (since 2004).

Who am I?

My name is Matthew Ho.  I work at a company called NextDigital as a Campaign Producer in Sydney, Australia.  Currently, I work in digital media & marketing, particularly:

  • Email & SMS marketing
  • Online promotions
  • Microsites.

NextDigital is Australia′s largest full service digital marketing & services company with approximately 220 employees.  Please note that the views presented on this blog are my own, and not my company’s.  I may discuss things I have come across as a part of my work, interesting projects we may have worked on, but these opinions and thoughts are entirely my own intellectual property.

I joined NextDigital in 2008 and have been their since. Before that I worked at an large accounting firm. After several years, I decided to take a career break and ultimately made a career change into digital media. I believed that this area was growing, it interested me and there were opportunities.

My particular areas of interests are: digital media, email marketing, search engine marketing & optimisation, advertising, social media, websites, blogs, wikis, video apps, opensource, brand management, and anything to do with the internet.  I do read a lot of various blogs, email newsletters, newspaper articles, books, and regularly attend marketing/advertising/mobile events on these aforementioned topics.

In my spare time, I’m often playing basketball, attending hip hop concerts, hanging out with friends, or helping out in my local church.

The meaning behind Inspired Worlds

People ask me why I chose the name “Inspiredworlds”. The idea is that each of us have our own inspirations. By letting you into my world of online, creativity, digital media, and so on, I hope to inspire other people to share their thoughts and knowledge. I believe each of us have our own inspired worlds and by revealing a bit of mine, I hope to see yours as well 🙂

Peace Out,

Matthew Ho

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