Sensis SME e-Commerce Report

The share market rebounded today! Yay! Give me my share of $10bn handout, Krudder!

I’m currently reading the Sensis e-business report titled “The Online Experience of Small & Medium Enterprises”. It’s very stat heavy, and gets boring after a couple of pages. Basically, its an annual report that looks at the usuage of the internet, computers, email, etc..  by SME’s. There’s also some comparison with last year’s stats and overview of consumers/household usuage.

Nothing suprising in there, but handy to know. Yes, 98% of businesses use a computer for email and 14% of individiduals keep a blog (I help make up that 14%!!!). Since I have a few blogs do I constitute more of that 14%??

If you want to read it, click here and the other Sensis reports can be found here.

We had two interesting work presentations recently, one on banner advertising and another on interactive video. When I get some time, I will write briefly about them.

And I’ve also come across WordPress MU – “multi user”. It allows an unlimited number of blogs and users to form a network. This could come in handy to create a network of blogs.

Currently, I’m looking into free wiki’s out there – if you can recommend one, please hit me up in the comments section.

I’m out like $10bn handouts,



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