The lengths some people go to take photos

The lengths some people go to take photos

The last couple of posts have been mostly focused on google innovations / online social media. I thought I’d mention something a bit different. Bumped into a friend of friend, Aaron on the train and we started talking about photography and SLR cameras. Just talking to him for the second time inspired me to think about photography and investing in a decent camera. Currently I’ve got a Sony cybershot 6.0 which set me back about $440 + (including the memory card) which I bought last year.

But I’ve recently been checking out photos of my friend’s on Flickr and other people. I love the pics where the pictures in the foreground are clear and the ones in the background are blurry – which I’ve been told is the “SLR effect”. SLR means “Single Lens Reflex“. The advantage of SLR’s is that you can change the focus and the lenses (i.e. put on a new lens). That’s how people can get the wide angle shots and those mad shots you see in magazines.

The thing I dont like about SLR’s is that they are clunky and heavy to carry. Its harder to blend in when your travelling or want to take pics without being noticed. What some people do, is carry both  – an SLR and a point N shoot camera. Some also carry video cameras too! So they dont miss a single second.

I’ve been checking out this Flickr of Tim Rudder and also Andrew Cato’s blog, who did my mates wedding on the weekend. Some inspiring stuff. I’m going to have to look into these cameras as they dont come cheap and maybe some photography lessons. I might start off with a basic camera and go from there.

When I was travelling, I took so many pics and I’ve posted my best ones on Flickr, so check’em out here.

Also, I’m going to Clickaholics on Thursday @ Watershed – its an industry cocktail event for those in online. Check it:

With 710 people attending the last Sydney event, Clickaholics is the major calendar event for all in Digital Marketing. This even is shaping up to be even bigger with 1,200+ people RSVP’ed already on facebook. We have built our events to this level by following the simple formula of offering an evening where the industry can seriously network in a relaxed, fun environment.

I’m out like point n shoot cameras,



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