Web 2.0 discoveries

Had some training on content managment systems (CMS) today. It just looks like one big blog! CMS is a platform to build websites, which allows non technical people to publish content on their websites. Kinda like a blog, it does all the coding & other computer magic for you, and all you do as a user is type words!

You can restrict user access only to certain pages, upload images into a central library and insert them in. You can also design templates that cascade over the entire website using CSS computer language (cascading style sheets). In short, its a brilliant tool allowing ordinary people to run their own websites, and to devolve control of a webpage throughout the organisation. Marketing people can be in control and update their own sections, finance people can edit the finance section, etc…

It’s very easy to use, and for someone like me that has had a lot of experience using blogs and mailout products, its makes perfect sense. It seems like everything is moving to WSYWIG (What you see is what you get) editors. Reminds me of how when I was studying law, they were trying to remove all the legalese (i.e old english language) and bring in plain english.

For more info read this guide on what is CMS and how to evaluate CMS.

I’ve also signed up lately for Google Reader to stream me all my RSS, in addition to my already existing igoogle portal. There’s also other readers out there like newsgator, etc.. If you dont know what it is, RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication, and basically allows you to recieve new content from websites immediately! So instead of going to my favourite websites, they send stuff to me! Whenever I log into my igoogle portal or reader, I get summaries of all the new articles from various websites. I’m getting dynamic updated content – its user driven. Kinda like making my own website!

I’m also using del.ico.us a lot more frequently, its brilliant! And to try out another product, I’ve signed up to StumbleUpon, another social bookmark product. I haven’t figured out how to fully use it. But basically, if you come across a good website, you bookmark it in StumbleUpon saiving it to your profile, similar to del.ico.us. The difference I found with delicious is that you can just “stumble upon” other websites after you select your profile. So you choose things your interested in like “sports”, “writing”, “movies”, etc…, and it will give you interesting websites related to your choices, bookmarked by similar like minded people!

Last week, my company held an industry presentation featuring a guest speaker, Brett Jackson from Altassian, who was former head of product development there. It’s a very exciting IT company selling collaboration software using NO SALES FORCE!. It’s an open source product, meaning the software code is available for people to use freely and update.

The thing that interested me the most was the new web 2.0 methods they were using. Employees had their own blogs, wikipedias were used to dissminate and aggregate information, the staff were monitoring social media like using icerocket to check on blog feedback, twitter, friendfeeds, etc.. for comments about their software and responding to them. They were holding competitions for people to build the best applications for the software and giving those people contract work. I can’t remember what else, but it was a very cutting edge company. The speaker mentioned Friendfeed, so I knew I had to join!

Friendfeed allows you to get updates from your social media like blogs, RSS, del.ico.us, etc… and display it on applications like facebook, myspace, etc.. Its a brilliant mashup tools actually. In fact, I came across the top 10 mashup tools recently, including this music search tool called Music Mesh. It displays music videos from youtube for each of your favourite albums! The best part is that for each artist it displays their albums through a spoke wheel link, and when you click on it, it displays more connections to other artists and their albums. You should definently check it out – kinda like a mix of stumbleupon meets youtube @ MTV awards!

Last but not least, check out how Barack Obama is using web 2.0 in his battle to win the U.S election! He’s collabed with the maker of facebook to create his own social networking tool, called my.barackobama.com.


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