Crouching Tiger Hidden Vending Machine

I saw this a while back, but its an intriguing stunt to build up hype for the Onitsuka Tiger Shoe in London. They put the shoe in a vending machine, and you put money in it for a chance to win the shoe. Love the originality of the idea. Vending machines are not new but its the way it is used to advertise a shoe brand. Something unique and to catch the attention of people passing by.

Tiger is actually a real popular casual shoe brand now. It was huge in the 70’s and 80’s, and has made a real resurgency in the past few years. the problem with advertising these days, is that there is so much clutter.

The average person is exposed to so many ads a day – something like 3,000! Advertisers talk about “cut through” – one of the biggest jargon words I have ever heard in marketing. its the ability for an ad or a campaign to shine amongst all the crap out there – so you will recognise and remember that particular ad or brand.

I saw this ad concept in the toilet at my advertising school a few months ago, and I still remember it. That’s pretty powerful. Because there’s so many ads out there, you just have to be even more innovative and original. More daring, more risk.

Not only that, but you have to be advertising at the right moment, in the right environments, at the right place. For example, the best time to advertise breakfast food is in the morning, as you are eating breakfast. fast food? Late night, when you get the munchies. I noticed that the KFC ads come on around midnight.

You have to think about when the potential consumer is most receptive to an idea. Continuing with the food theme, let’s say your target customer is “non- working mums”. When are they thinking about meal ideas? You have to work out their typical day, profiling them. Typically, it is around 12pm – 2pm that they will think about that night’s dinner and what they will prepare. So you have to hit them up with ads, at precisely that time. That is when they are most receptive to the idea.

I’ve heard that that particular products such as bread brands who target non-working mums, will buy the ad space on buses along school bus routes. Think about it. The typical mum drops off the school kids, waits with them at the bus stop for the bus to arrive. Bus stops tempoarily, kids hop on, mum waves to kids. At the moment she sees that side of the bus, she is exposed to that ad. Every morning, that ad is reinforced when she takes her kids to the bus stop. In the back of her mind, she is associating school kids with this particular product. She may also be exposed to ads at lunch time (between 12pm-2pm) on radio, tv.

When she goes to the shopping aisle, and is thinking about making a purchase of bread brand for the family, that brand or product is somewhere deep in her mind and may prompt her to buy that product. All these little things are necessary to prompt someone to buy a product or brand.


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