Online advertising is only going to get more creative and innovative over time. It is one of the cheapest media channels to advertise on, has high reach and has measurable response. Advertisers can see directly how many users viewed the ad, how many clicked on the ad, how many made a purchase after clicking on the ad.

In times where marketing budgets are becoming slimmer because of the global credit crunch, a lot of advertising is moving from traditional media into online. Our consumption of the internet has increased to 13.6 hours, for the first time overtaking TV consumption. Watching TV is becoming less and less exciting. With the explosion of broadband internet connections, being able to download tv shows and movies, and a growing on demand mentality, tv is becoming a dying format.

Ask any person aged 14-30, and the majority of their viewing is probably online. Ask them to name their favourite tv shows now, and they’ll most like scratch their heads for an answer. TV programming in Austraila doesn’t have a lot of quality right now.

I’ve been recommended a great place to view creative interactive advertising. Its this website called Eyeblaster. It has a lot of the really cool stuff out there. A couple that I have checked out include the Jarhead one with the smoke coming out of the ad, just like how the movie has a lot of smoke in it because they are fighting for the oilfields.

Also, check out this virgin vegas ad where the head of the Cleopatra moves around with the mouse and then blows fire!

I’m out like watching tv,



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